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NJ Vein

The idea of our outpatient center dedicated exclusively to caring for patients on dialysis and those suffering from poor arterial circulation in the legs arose from the need to remove them from the hospital setting where they competed with sicker inpatients for our services. Most often, they wasted hours without eating while awaiting their turn. This situation disrupted their lives, their schedules and those who accompanied them to the point where it became untenable for everyone, so we

moved our congested and growing outpatient practice out of the hospital.   


Our goal is to provide an appropriate environment for everything our patients and their families needed and deserved: timely, individualized care in pleasant surroundings with a highly specialized team of providers. 


Like dialysis centers, New Jersey Vein operates 6 days per week. Sometimes, patients arrive for dialysis with significant AV access issues that require immediate care. As a dedicated center with our own dedicated staff, we are there for them. Similarly, patients with poor circulation in the legs and critical limb ischemia require prompt evaluation, treatment and careful follow-up.  NJ Vein was created to deliver the very best care anywhere.  


Throughout the years, we have invested heavily in the latest and most advanced equipment and have regularly updated our premises to provide a safe, appealing and soothing environment for our patients and their families. 


New Jersey Vein physicians are recognized international leaders in minimally-invasive repair of AV fistulas and grafts, as well as peripheral vascular disease.They have played prominent roles in some of the world’s most prestigious congresses. They are committed to academic excellence and provide clinical training for physicians in the Robert Wood Johnson-Barnabas nephrology fellowship program.  

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